"Top 10 Orthopedic Solutions in Europe"

01 November 2023

A beautiful article in the MedTech magazine, please visit for the full article.

Medtech Top 10


We Design, a medical-technical production company, combines the traditional art of crafting splints with modern techniques to create advanced orthopedic devices using silver. We Design collaborates with experts in rheumatology, surgery, and rehabilitation to develop a comprehensive portfolio of orthopedic solutions, with a focus on fingers, hands, and wrists. The company's multidisciplinary team of artisans handcrafts each splint, incorporating state-of-the-art 3D modeling and printing for precise customization.

We Design distinguishes itself by consciously focusing on Silversplints as a niche within orthopedic solutions, with approximately 80 percent of its portfolio consisting of patented designs. The company's unique standing is further enhanced by its location in the Netherlands, known for prestigious silversmithing schools, enabling a dedicated team of skilled silversmiths and certified occupational therapists. The company aims to redefine standards set by traditional materials, such as leather and plastic, by offering silver splints that improve aeration, reduce odors, and provide water resistance, making them a more hygienic solution for daily use.

In addition to the functional benefits, We Design emphasizes sustainability, using 100 percent recycled silver in its production process. The silver splints have a lower annualized cost than alternatives like plastic, and their durability allows for long-term orthopedic care without excess waste. The visual appeal of the silver splints adds an uncommon dimension of aesthetic desirability to orthopedic solutions, potentially impacting patient acceptance positively. Overall, We Design represents a shining reality in the future of orthopedics, combining craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability in their specialized field.

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